Miloš Vuković
Miloš Vuković


“CEO and founder, and lover of challenges in various fields of life. Originally an engineer of chemical production with experience in many industries, having begun as a fuel dispenser. Always enjoying the sound of phone ringtone. Life is short, so I suggest using it smartly and effectively. (…) “People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it.”


Chemical and other industrial production - food, and all organic and inorganic compounds and materials.

Communicative, sociable, tolerant, calm, task-focused, oriented towards the problem-solving, initiative, committed

Profesionalni život:

Mei-Ta Corp Belgrade, as Operator in industrial process design, (working with technical
documentation, making technical drawings in AutoCAD; process standardization upon
introducing new production lines; innovations in process tools and ergonomics
Shift Engineer (8 months) in Elixir Prahovo plant for phosphoric acid production (address: Radujevacki put bb, east
Serbia); responsibility for process flow with five consecutive steps in the very production;
Many kinds of heavy physical work, assistance in a Turkish bakery (Harman, Vienna); lots of warehouses (selection of
goods, packing, etc); work in a plumbing company (Ugerechts, Germany) – short experiences
Operator in the assemblage of car seats at conveyor line (2.5 months): several positions at the “Ergo” line in Adient Bor
(Czech Republic); Later worked as Expeditor – operator in the scheduling of incoming seat parts, SAP transactions, and daily
routines as transport scheduling, communication with suppliers in a dynamic environment in the same company







Leadership and time organization


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