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Serbia is a country that is really known for talented people in all aspects. You have probably heard of Nikola Tesla, Novak Djokovic, Nikola Jokic, Mileva Maric Einstein, or some other Serbian greats. People from these areas are up to date with all world events in the field of development of science, sports, intercultural exchange, as well as trade.

This is not an unusual fact when you take into account the geographical position of the country and the intersection of cultures and religions. Serbia is a fruitful country. In the north, there are large wheat fields, and in the south sunny and fertile, wooded slopes full of crops and orchards, intersected by numerous rivers. Serbia, although a relatively small country, is among the first in Europe and the world, or the first, in terms of exports of many agricultural products such as corn, raspberries, wheat, plums, honey, wheat, various types of meat, etc. The food industry is quite developed. Also, the country is rich in various types of ores, most copper, huge amounts of lead and zinc, nickel, manganese, and mercury, a large percentage of the world's lithium reserves are in the west, and there are still large amounts of silver and gold and billions of tons of coal. Big world corporations have invested a lot of money and continue to invest in the opening of mines and trade in metals and coal.


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