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Customized business solutions

Our entire company, in fact, relies on customized business solutions, tailored to customer needs. The connection with external associates arose precisely for that reason. At your request, we create a business strategy, provide marketing services and connect you with the experts you need.

Here is a simple example of how this can work. For example, you have a small business and it does not pay to hire an accountant on a permanent basis, but you need an expert who will calculate invoices on certain days at certain times, and for several hours a day. Our job is here to find you a quality accountant who will work only a few hours a week according to your needs. Or, you have a large company, you need to organize a business trip for a large number of workers, but there is no time to organize everything yourself. That is why we are here to find a suitable and affordable company, to schedule a trip and, with your permission, to buy tickets. These are just some examples of short-term arrangements, while we can make a package of arrangements with you in the long run and in accordance with your needs.


Small, but ambitious, In The Solutions will connect you to carefully chosen freelancers and professional teams according to your project requests.


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