Administrative support

If you have a small business, the ideal solution for you is to hire administrative workers for an hour or a certain period of time because you do not have to pay a permanent workforce, and we can provide you with quick and easy part-time business administrators. These solutions are ideal for both medium and large companies because you can always have a sufficient number of workers who will do all the necessary work for you, whenever the need arises. We can reorganize any aspect of your business. All you have to do is send us a request.

The great advantage of this type of business is that you can limit the services of a professional to a certain period and to a certain service, which you need at that moment.
The services you request from us can be diverse: organizing and sorting data, various types of market research, scheduling business meetings, talking to customers or sellers, sending and replying to emails and sorting emails, making presentations, and more.


Small, but ambitious, In The Solutions will connect you to carefully chosen freelancers and professional teams according to your project requests.


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