About us

Vuković Solutions is a small, ambitious, and well-organized company that connects clients with external associates. We will find for you carefully selected freelancers or professional teams according to your project requirements.
With minimal supervision, you can be sure that we will provide you with the best possible services for every aspect of your business that you leave to us to do for you. We are an experienced team that is well-versed in performing all types of secondary tasks important to clients. Your side jobs are our primary goal.

All you have to do is log in to our site, call us directly or send us a message via email or social networks. Our agents will respond to you as soon as possible. Give us your request about the work you want us to do for you. Give us all the specific tasks and conditions that must be performed, as well as deadlines for performing tasks, in order for us to perform the assigned duties in the most efficient way. Our consultant will advise you on a professional level regarding all important items around the assigned job. We will adapt to your specific requirements and will help you define your goals as clearly as possible. We will assign you agents, who will have a specialized duty to do your job.
You can expect day and night support from us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our agents are at your disposal whenever you need a job done.

You can ask us about any type of online service and we will provide you with everything you need as soon as possible.
Sometimes it's really hard to deal with a lot of data on the Internet. It is not easy to separate relevant data from irrelevant ones, as well as to sort and edit them in the appropriate format. You will have the opportunity to cooperate with many companies from different industries. Firms must be governed by different legal regulations, building permits, various disputes, contracts of various kinds, etc. It is often the case that companies have to deal with the issues of building their own facilities, from designing buildings and structures, obtaining permits, to implementing the projects themselves. A large number of quality accountants, business administrators, and dispatchers have emerged, who are easily accessible and who can be easily hired as needed. There is also the issue of health insurance for workers, as well as many others. Organizing and executing all these numerous processes requires a lot of time, research, and work as well as a lot of money. That is why we are here to help because we can assign you experts who will successfully lead and organize any of these jobs for you, at the best prices and with maximum quality.

Why choose us?

Our company was created for one important reason - the need for the services of external associates is really big. In addition to that, every businessman knows very well how tedious, expensive, and time-consuming it is to do all those side jobs, aside from one's own basic job, necessary in order for business processes to be performed quickly and efficiently. This includes answering and sorting numerous emails, reporting and responding to clients to collect receivables or to maintain successful, day-to-day business communication, all the way to planning business activities and scheduling meetings and business trips, business accounting, etc. It is also necessary to perform numerous researches and analyses in order to find the best short-term or long-term associates, services, and companies for your various needs, from legal services and specific consulting services to services in construction, real estate, and development of new technologies.


The business has moved to the internet. The administration is done via computer, but today it is necessary for every healthy business to have a successful presentation on the Internet, in the form of a website or application - texts, video, and audio content and site functionality must be quality, and it is crucial for the site to be SEO optimized in order to be highlighted on the browser. Many business people are simply too busy to conduct the necessary research on this issue and therefore choose overpriced and inefficient solutions for their needs. For that reason, you can leave all these jobs to us so that we can create the best and most favorable IT business solutions for you. Creating and managing your social media accounts can also be our priority. We have found numerous, quality and affordable companies from Serbia specializing in all of the above. We offer you numerous benefits.

Invest in Serbia to find long-term and profitable partnerships. We quickly recognize what your wishes and needs are and do everything to make them come true. We hire carefully selected talented individuals and well-established teams so you can achieve your goals. Save your time, energy, and money with our services. Enjoy fast and quality service with good professional and pleasant communication. We guarantee you excellent and effective web design, copywriting, and SEO optimization at an affordable price. We offer you efficient and cost-effective administrative services.


Small, but ambitious, In The Solutions will connect you to carefully chosen freelancers and professional teams according to your project requests.


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