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Serbia, a country in Southeast Europe, is home to many talented people in the field of innovation and information technology. Many IT professionals and companies work in this area. As much as 1/10 of Serbia's GDP comes from the IT sector, which speaks itself of the importance of the latest technologies in the country's economic development. Many experienced professionals and freelancers combine original frontend design with efficient background backend logic in the most powerful programming languages in order to create modern web and desktop applications. People from these areas are really committed to providing quality services in the field of administrative and logistical support because they strive to do the job as professionally as possible with maximum dedication. Not only are there many successful companies and well-coordinated teams, but more and more companies are emerging and promising freelancers are developing and dealing with a variety of online services from online administrative services to strong web applications and websites.

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    Most candidates look for and find jobs through advertisements on employment portals, in the print media or on the websites of employers themselves, and these are often jobs that are not their first choice, but they apply because they care about getting a job. However, if you are firmly "warmed up" for a company and you think that only a job in it would fulfill you to the end, and it has no active job ads, then you can try a slightly different approach and "force" the desired employer. contribute to its business success.
    The e-mail address of the right person responsible for employment is in this case worth its weight in gold. Make an effort, for a start, to reach her.
    "Scan" his website, talk to employees, and even the competition. Learn all about his business and find your role in all of this.
    Then comes the most important thing, and that is to "sell" yourself well, that is, to send an e-mail that will convince the employer that I still need a new employee. In addition to the formal presentation, for which you can use elements from your CV, the most important thing is to emphasize to the employer what your skills can help the development of his company. Find a problem in his work and suggest a solution. Suggest a newspaper you think you can use. Be creative. The good thing is that in this case you have nothing to lose, and you can gain because, if nothing else, your e-mail address and message will remain in the archives of the employer and, if he does not hire you immediately, there is a real chance that he will do it later.

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